Milan's brand new space for the best training performance

You set your goals, we will empower you with the most effective strategies to achieve them.

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Our mission, your achievements


Setting clear goals is the first step towards achieving the fitness results you are dreaming of.

Use your body through tailored workouts and functional gear to improve your performance and your quality of life.

Location and equipment


A calm, safe and welcoming space

featuring 100sq meters of training area,

men's and women's changing rooms with shower and toilet facilities,  spacious reception.


Equipment and gear only from the best brands, perfect for functional training and circuits. Rigs, racks, gladiator wall, multi pull-up bar, benches, Olympic barbells, plates, dumbbells, battle ropes, kettlebells, balls, jungle gyms, crosscore, plyometric box, power band, loop band, ropes and magnetic cardio machines which are ideal for group training such as s-drive, training cycle, rowing machines.


Our fitness studio specializes in personal training and small group sessions by appointment only.

A trial session is available as well as packages of 1, 5, 10, 20 sessions.

Personal Training

(1-2 people)


Receive customized assessment,

planning and coaching sessions to help you reach your goals.

Our PT will monitor your progress and you will enjoy the results!

Small groups

(3-4 people)


For those who share similar goals,

our targeted workouts will be challenging and exciting.

Have fun while getting fit with our small group sessions created for you by our trainers!

Functional Training


Functional training is intended to improve the full body's movement range, instead of focusing on just single muscle groups. These full body workouts are based on kinetic chains involving multiple joint articulations. They simulate daily moves as well as typical sport movements with the goal of improving proprioception, body control and core power.

Circuit Training


For those who love resistance training, either with extra weights or through dynamic bodyweight exercises, circuit training is ideal! Each circuit is made up of multiple exercises with a medium-low amount of repetitions and no pauses, all involving different areas as planned for you by your trainer.


Via Emilio Morosini 32 – 20135 Milan, Italy


+39 02 35995663




Opening Hours:


Monday - Friday 07:00 - 21:00

Saturday 08:00 - 13:00

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